Generate a color palette from your image

Easily extract the colors from an image with just one click – use our color tool to automatically generate a perfect color combo from your photo or illustration.


The Easiest Way to Get Colors from an Image

Using the color palette generator is the easiest way to extract colors and color combos from any image. Simply upload your image with a click of a button and you’ll instantly receive a color palette generated from your image. Each color includes the official color name and hex color code. Stop using complex tools like Photoshop to extract colors and get the perfect color scheme from any photo.

The color palette generator by TEMPLIIT makes it super easy to make a new Graphic Design based on a colorful photo – now you don’t have to guess the colors, you’ll know exactly which colors to use. No more wondering, as the color generator picks the 4 most common colors from your image or photo and creates a perfect palette which you can reuse.

Design tip: nature is usually the best designer in the world… use a colorful nature photo to get a good and natural color scheme. If you’re keen on learning more about colors, be sure to check the Basic Color Theory because it’s something you don’t want to miss!